A Beautiful Live Event Painting Vividly Capturing the Beauty of The Wedding

A Beautiful Live Event Painting Vividly Capturing the Beauty of The Wedding

In the midst of all the tagged photos in your social media accounts, there’s one keepsake you might not want to miss out on:  a live event painting of your special day. Imagine a stunning acrylic painting illustrating your wedding day hanging in your living room—now that’s a keepsake you’ll never forget!

It’s one thing to have hundreds of photos of your wedding, but to have a unique and meaningful record capturing its beauty immortalizes your special day on a whole new level. Here are our top 3 reasons a live event painter can make your wedding so much more memorable:


1. Make an unforgettable statement

Think about it: the mood is just right, the lighting on point, the music as good as it gets, and everything is in its perfect place.  What else will make your wedding one for the books, and truly special for you and the guests? 


2. It’s a family heirloom for your new family

A photograph captures a memory—but a live event painting does more than that. Paintings tend to evoke emotions and connect with feelings—and a live event painting is no different.  Think about the future generations of your family passing down this painting as a testament of your love and marriage.


3. Create some fiction

Paintings, unlike cameras, are also able to fictionalize. Wouldn’t you want to reimagine your wedding day a little bit by adding a friend who couldn’t make it, or a grandparent who has passed away? Of course, not all live event painters or wedding couples would want to fictionalize, but having that option can be a bit more comforting.



There's really nothing more amazing than witnessing a live event painter capture the magical moments of the wedding in a beautiful masterpiece. Your guests will definitely be in awe at how the painting unfolds throughout the wedding—now that’s entertainment!


Real-time painting provides entertainment and adds a glamorous touch to the wedding