Ambient Wall Washing Up Lighting

Many people think lighting is one of the few things that can take the backseat in your event…

Lighting can transform any event from a dull mess to a festive wonderland! Because, really, why settle for dull and dim colors when you can dramatically transform your event into a romantic setting or a crazy dance floor?

Setting the perfect mood through intelligent lighting is pretty much what we are known for, among other reasons, and we’d love to share some reasons how lighting can transform your event!

1. Lighting lets your guests know what’s going on

How many times have you been to an event where every other guest is asking, “What’s going on?” And of course, there’s always the occasional “What part of the program is this?”

Too many times, right?

Well, lighting lets everyone know exactly that. For example, dinner can have softer and subtler tones, while the lighting becomes a rainbow of colors as everyone hits the dance floor.

Lighting doesn’t just set the mood; it also allows for a smoother flow of the event. You wouldn’t have to hear these questions because the lighting will provide the answer!

Dancing Bride with Up lighting

2. Lighting is everything in photography!

Don’t you want your picture-perfect moments captured in all its vivid beauty? So do we! Stick to great lighting, and you’ll see your efforts pay off when the photographs turn up.

Your guests will look absolutely stunning and at their best in the photos—and everyone will be thanking you for it!

3. Lighting creates great IMPACT!

We’ve truly come a long way in terms of events planning. Digital and technological breakthroughs—from the sound effects and the styling to the lighting—now make it possible to put together a truly immersive and fantastic event. Lighting plays a pretty big role in wowing your guests and making your event one for the books!  

Well-positioned lighting will make all the difference, whether you want drama, romance, or energy in any space.

Imagination is only the limit to how lighting can transform any event!