They took the stress out of the process and we truly got to enjoy the planning and our wedding.

- Cara & Jack

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Wedding Coordination

Wedding Coordination is your event insurance to make you feel prepared you’ll enjoy your wedding day no matter what happens. Once you've booked your venue and all your vendors we help pull the puzzle pieces of wedding planning together to make sure all the details you’ve planned and envisioned are actually executed. We can get involved as little as 1 month out or as much as a year to give you peace of mind and look forward to an amazing wedding day.


Partial Planning

You chose your date and venue, started researching and maybe booking some of your vendors, but the feelings of overwhelmed and lost sink in. With Partial Planning we create a Wedding Roadmap for you to direct you on what needs to get done, offer recommendations of our trusted partners and keep you on track with the planning so you can actually enjoy the process and get excited for the big day. Partial Planning includes Wedding Coordination services and begins immediately upon signing a contract.

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Full Production

You decided to get married, now what? Full Production means we are with you every step of the way to guide, consult and direct your wedding planning process ultimately creating the experience you envision. We create a custom planning timeline, build a budget based on your priorities and then fill in the blanks for a seamlessly orchestrated wedding. We'll keep you organized and provide all the tools to produce your event. Full Planning includes Wedding Coordination services and the option to have help in finding your perfect venue.

She was invisible to all, fly on the wall, but anticipated our every need... When we arrived at the venue everything was in place and looked amazing. I felt like I was a guest. After many months of planning, everything came to life more perfectly than we could have imagined. With Daniela, there was not a thing we needed to think or worry about on our wedding day - we just enjoyed.

-Britt & Josh