1. Get Organized


Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or an extravagant reception, organization is key to a worry-free wedding day.  Spreadsheets, binders, apps -- use your resources and keep all your details in one place for perfect wedding day execution.

2. Make Your Wedding Yours!

Weddings don’t have to just be “traditional” and follow a template, talk to your partner on what you want your day to look and feel like.  Some traditions are meant to be broken....

  • Don’t want to have a wedding party?

  • Have a Man of Honor?

  • Want to walk down the aisle to Daft Punk?

All of that is fine as long as you and your partner enjoy it and represent yourselves. Don’t get caught up in working so hard to please everyone, just focus on the things that matter to you.

3. Take Care of the Big Items First

The venue, church, dress, photographer, entertainment - many of these services will book early.  To ensure you get exactly what you want to make a list of your priorities -- what is most important along with what is most expensive and knock those off your list first. Leave the Etsy purchases for the second half of your wedding planning process.

4: Have Back Up Weather Plans

As much as you pictured that perfect, relaxed, outdoor wedding, sometimes mother nature has other plans in mind. Back up plans are not a fun thing to think about, but a NECESSITY and will not only save you a lot of stress on your wedding day, but also ensure you still have the best day ever, because mother nature can’t stop all the fun!


5. Keep it to One Venue

Many couples are now opting to have their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception at the same venue.  Inquire about the various spaces your venue has to offer or ways you can creatively section off areas to keep all the festivities in one place and keep the celebration flowing seamlessly.

6. Ask the Professionals for Their Input

You’ve selected your team of vendors, let them be your support team! They are the experts who know what works best for timing, music ideas, creative ways to personalize -- so don’t try to do it alone. Consult the professionals before you spend hours of Pinterest and Google research.

You have besties for a reason, they are your life support team.  If you have a friend that has already been through the wedding process ask them about the vendors they used for their wedding.  They can tell you about the amazing ones, and what to look out for on the vendors they might not have enjoyed.

7: Make Sure Someone Knows How to Bustle Your Dress.

Don’t rely on a safety pin and a prayer. Have a friend or relative go with you to a fitting to learn how to bustle the train, take a photo, or even better a video and and make sure that person sticks around post-ceremony to button you into shape. Don’t underestimate the power (and complexity) of a bustle!

8. Plan For Alone time with your Partner

With all the important people in your life in one place at one time, your wedding day can get overwhelming. Plan a 10 min date right after the ceremony or during the reception with your partner to destress, chat about what your crazy aunt is wearing, take in everything that’s already happened and just enjoy each other’s company before the real party begins.


9. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Even if you plan every small detail of your day, you just cannot predict what is out of your control and sometimes, things may not go as planned.  But, as long as your partner is by your side, don’t let anything ruin your day. Adjust to the situation (there’s always a Plan B), take a deep breathe, and enjoy the beauty that is in getting married.

10. Hire A Coordinator

Look, this is what we breathe for. You have planned your wedding up until this point choosing your vendors and details, but professional wedding coordinators have the experience to guide you through the final checklists of wedding planning and throughout your wedding day to keep you relaxed, worry-free, and having a blast.

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