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TRS Ep 4 - Gemma Of Wild Goose

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Today we sip tea and rant with Gemma Smith about her company Wild Goose: a multi-award-winning events company, specializing in unique location-based challenges using a versatile and interactive app designed to engage, motivate and provide insight. We also rant about our: podcast audio quality, passion vs income, on-boarding employees, The 5 Love Languages, employee expectations, USA Fast Food Is Amazing, Chris' retirement plans, MASTURDATING, Visionary Ladies Night, attending a wedding as a guest & our next week activities.


For more information on WIld Goose, visit:


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TRS Ep 3 - Bring Me Back To Mexico

Daniela and Chris rant about weekend activities, Korean BBQ, A Tulum Mexican Wedding, Fighting wIth Mater'd's, how we hate our voices, "the talk" with our parents and how "they" are are always listening.


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TRS Ep 2 - Date Night Rants - My Big Jewish Wedding. Ft. Debbie

Join Daniela Grafman & Chris Atwood as we try and find out what were going to do with this podcast. We decided to take out one of our own Visionaries Debbie and her Fiance Robbie for a little Sunday brunch and we mainly discusssed their wedding planning, but we also eat and laugh. Enjoy!

Resturant: The Suffolk Arms -

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TRS Ep 1 - What Do We Name This???

We would like to welcome you to a podcast with so far no name featuring Daniela Grafman & Chris Atwood

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